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If you plan to use the evidence presentation system, you should contact the Judge's office to determine the procedures for such use in a court proceeding. This step could prevent frustration. For example, WMA files are generally not supported. 


When proposing an order allowing the attorney to withdraw, the address of the client or the new attorney representative, should be included in the body of the order in substantially the following language:

"All future notices and pleadings shall be served upon [client name] at [his/her] address that the Clerk of Court, upon this direction, will designate in the record as: [client address]."

Unrepresented corporations: If an attorney withdraws from representation of a corporation and no attorney is substituted, the unrepresented corporation is subject to having its pleadings stricken since it cannot proceed in court unrepresented.

Uniform Superior Court Rules are available on the home page.


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