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The drug court is a specialized court operating as a division of the Superior Court. The mission of the drug court is to stop abuse of drugs and alcohol and related criminal activity. Every county in the circuit operates a drug court.  The particpant must complete the requirements of the program in order to graduate. All participants are enrolled in the  program for  a minimum of 24 months.  The program includes treatment, random drug screens, attendance of NA/AA meetings and regular court appearances.
Drug court is specifically designed to facilitate the treatment and rehabilitation of non-violent felony drug defendants who meet entrance criteria established by the drug court steering committee and are accepted by the drug court team.  It is intended for those who are addicted to or are abusing drugs or alcohol and wish to change.


Brenda S. Weaver, Drug Court Judge

P.O. Box 545
Jasper, GA 30143
Ph:  706-253-8729
Fax:  706-253-8734

Nicole Panter, Specialty Court Coordinator

Ph:  706-299-1364

Susan Baucom, Drug Court Prosecutor 

Michael Parham, Drug Court Public Defender

Are you a candidate for Drug Court?
If   you  have a drug or alcohol dependency and if this addiction led to your current criminal charges, you  may  be a candidate for the Appalachian Judicial Circuit Drug Court. The Drug Court  is  a Court supervised drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.  The duration of the program is  a minimum of two years.
Usually, to be considered for Drug Court, your criminal charges must include:
Possession of a controlled substance;
Prescription drug offense; or
Criminal charges in which drug and/or alcohol  addiction  is a major factor
Some conditions will exclude you from the Drug Court.  These conditions include:
Mental illness;
Conviction of any violent offense;
Illegal alien status; or
Pending  felony  charges in another jurisdiction.
If you are accepted into  Drug Court, you must admit your addiction and enter a negotiated guilty plea. You will  be required to pay monthly fees, attend counseling, NA/AA meetings, and report to the Judge at least twice per month. If you complete the program, there is beneficial treatment of  your criminal charges.  If you fail to complete the program, you immediately begin serving the sentence you were given  when you entered your plea.   You may also enter this program as a negotiated plea in a probation revocation hearing.
If you have a drug and/or alcohol problem and would like  to be recommended to the Drug Court Team for consideration for  the Drug Court Program, please contact your  attorney who will provide you additional information concerning this program.  If you do not have an attorney, please  contact the Public Defender’s office located in your county of residence.

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